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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Come on in and share your thoughts, feelings and insight! I am here to learn from you and I hope that I can teach you a thing or two. Please provide your email address if you are interested in recieving updates on the release of my second book "Where Are My Children."

At the time of my choosing, I allow my ebook "So You Want To Be A Doctoral Learner Huh? Are You Nuts?!" to be dowloaded for free from Amazon Kindle. Providing your email will allow you to get this information if you are interested in reading about my experience while going through my doctoral program. In the near future, I willl be giving away a few signed copies of my first book to commemorate the first anniversary of its publication. Thank you for stopping by!


What are the accomplishments that you would like to share? My biggest accomplishment was my dissertation. My second accomplishment was completing my first "Book."  "So You Want To Be A Doctoral Learner Huh? Are You Nuts?."

I am very excited to be working on my second and third books. Please check out my book pages for additional information.

Be Careful With the ISBN's you choose! They are not all the same!

With being a new indie author, you will learn a lot! Fortunately, I have not had any issues with my ISBN because what I did was purchase an ISBN that allows me to use it wherever I choose. This allows me to keep my publishing rights, and post my books wherever I choose. The most I have to do is transfer my ISBN over to a new website that I wanted to publish through. I still maintain my rights. Have you ever purchased an ISBN that you could not take with you,  or got one for free that you could not use anywhere else? How did that work out?

Share your struggles! You are not alone trust me!

We all have struggles, especially if you are a new indie author. There are so many things I wish I had known before writing my first book. It would have saved me burned free pockets.  I suffer from writer's block often. I was told that when I get writer's block while writing one document, start writing something else. I found this to be helpful. If I am really tired, I walk away for a few days and come back when I am ready. What are your struggles? What do you do to get past them?

How to you set up your writing space?

Having the perfect setting with everything I need to write, including a nice cup of hot ginger tea, or coffee, can take me to a place in writing that is so peaceful that I can forget the time of day, or that I have not eaten. I get into that space like did when I used to run and got into that perfect stride and became relaxed. The next thing I knew I am done, and I started to feel the burn!

I love to write with a candle burning around me. I don't ever use more than one, but my daughter purchased a votive candle holder for me that is made out of pink Himalayan salt. I went to the store and purchased some black cherry-scented votive candles that smell like heaven. As the room starts to get dark as the sun goes down, the candle holder gives off a gorgeous glow. 

 A bed should never be the ideal space to write since it's purpose is for two reasons (Sleep and Making love) but I must say that finding the comfortable spot on the bed next to a lamp and notebooks, pens, and papers strewn all over the bed until time to clean up, gives me a sense of accomplishment; it is just wonderful! 

ALWAYS clean up your writing area every night before you go to bed. It is a nice feeling to wake up the next day with a neat area and a fresh start. If you disagree let me know why?

Mistakes! We have all made them!

When I decided to write my first book, I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was that I needed pens, pencils, notebooks, a cover, and access to copyrighting. Fortunately, I had a colleague that I still keep in touch with after I earned my doctorate. When I finished my book, I was asked if I had a beta reader. A beta reader? what in the world is that? I had to find several people to read my work before it was sent out and I am so glad that I did. I was not too concerned about the typo's or grammar, but more about the content and flow of my book.

After hearing back from six readers, I saw where I was lacking in detail. Then I had to learn about copyrighting my document. I thought that once I sent up this tired, unfinished manuscript, I was protected; nope! The only part of a copyright that is protected is the part you send up. After you are finished with your book, you have to pay a fee to reupload and then send a finished copy of your book to the Library of Congress for indexing. To save money, you can do it all at one time when you are finished. I choose to copyright protect as soon as I get the title and cover.

 I had to learn about book signings and marketing.  I have watched so many youtube videos saying that you can self-publish for free. Well, I guess you can if you want your book to look like junk. I thought my head was going to explode. I even had to learn who to purchase an ISBN from; not all are the same. I am still in the process of learning but have come a long way and I am having the time of my life! What mistakes did you make?

Why did you start writing? Did you want to be a writer?

When I decided to write my first book, It came from a dark place. If you read my page pertaining to my books, you will understand. I had a very difficult time in my doctoral program with a chairperson and I wanted to warn everyone to stay away from my university. The final product did not turn out so mean. It turned out to be a book about sticktoitiveness (yes, that is a word) and triumph! You can also check What I didn't know was that after I wrote the first book, more titles would *POP* into my mind! 

I am now on the second book of three that I am currently writing and I have one title that I am not sure how I am going to use yet. I also decided to write a few Children's books after I am finished with the first three. I have found self-publishing to be hard but so much fun. Had I known, I would have started writing sooner. I am sure that there will be some of you who are reading this page right now that wanted to write a book but you either have no idea what you will write about, or if you could because you lack encouragement and confidence. 

Well, you have found the right page. I am not only encouraging you, but I am also pushing you because the universe is not going to write it for you. It might give you the inspiration, but that is it. 

You may not be an award-winning writer but I promise you, when you get that package in the mail, open it and see what you gave birth too, there is going to be a feeling that goes through you that no one will be able to describe! Though we all have a story inside of us, make sure it is something you want to share with the world; not all stories are meant to be shared. My books and my dissertation have come from my experiences. Nothing is written in stone that says you cannot write about a particular topic. Follow your bliss! Though it is recommended to write in a particular genre, I am not there yet. I write about what comes to my mind. I am having fun with it, and so should you!